Projects - Games

I've always been an aspiring game programmer, although I rarely finish anything I work on. My kids get a kick out of it, and that's enough for me these days. I'm a big fan of XNA and MonoGame. None of these games use MonoGame. 😏

Death and Taxes: Survivor

My entry for the GitHub Game Off 2022, written on the Pico-8 fantasy console. The theme was "Cliché", and I went with "The only thing certain in life is death and taxes".

TrackAbout: The Game

Another Crafty JS game, but this time the software for my day-job reimagined as an abstract video game. You are loading assets onto a truck. Load the dark ones on the dark truck, and the light ones on the light truck.

Crafty Platformer

Sample game to demonstrate the Crafty JS library.


A game for Palm OS devices, based on the card game Set.


A Tetris clone for the Tapwave Zodiac I worked on with ViciousBytes. I worked on updates after the initial release and helped fix a few bugs, add a few enhancements.


My first "real" game I worked on, from scratch. Also with ViciousBytes.